Did you ever think it was possible to get a Personal Princess Birthday Voice Wish,

DIRECTLY from a Princess?

Well, prepare to stop your daughter silent in her tracks, and create a memory she will remember FOREVER.

HERE’S A TESTIMONIAL of these messages in action:

“You have single handedly made a 5 year old girl who always has something to say or do…stand motionless with complete silence for the duration of that voice-over and then another 30 seconds after that…it was almost Bizarre haha…Needless to say, you made her best Christmas ever!! She talked all day about it at both grandparents house’s…She was not even all that interested in gifts other than Ariel ones (of course)…Thank you SO very Much. My wife heard it this morning and she said she got chills….I have no idea why are not doing kids movies cause lord knows i have seen enough of them to know!”  -Eric, the Happy Christmas Dad

I’d like to note, he’s right. If you want to hire me for a movie, let me know right away. 

But if not! Let’s give your daughter the Best Surprise she could imagine! Princess Voice Over is here to make MAGIC.

There is ALSO the animated version of the

Princess Birthday Voice Wish.

ONLY $20!

(With Animator, Voice Actress, Sound Engineer and Music worth $950, literally)



PERSONALIZED Animated Princess Messages